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Information About Your Card
We are constantly changing and adding new services and features to your card all the time. Check in regularly to see what is new.

TechCASH at H Mart!!! March 23, 2015
Starting March 23rd, H Mart at 581 Massachusetts Avenue will begin accepting TechCASH!
TechCASH at the Dumpling Room!!! March 23, 2015
Starting March 23rd, Patty Chen's Dumpling Room at 907 Main Street will begin accepting TechCASH!
Save big with TechCASH at the Coop! August 21, 2013
From August 29th through September 7th, 2013 TechCASH customers will save 5% in addition to the regular COOP benefits. This a special offer for customers using TechCASH. In addition, all year anyone showing a MIT ID card will receive 15% of all MIT apparel. Make sure you become a COOP member before you shop! Last year COOP members received 8% rebates!
TechCASH at Central Square Florist!! March 20, 2013
Now you can use your TechCASH at Central Square Florist, located at 653 Massachusetts Avenue. Call 617-354-7553.
25% Off Laundry!!! March 08, 2013
Use TechCASH in your house laundry machines between March 18th - 24th 2013 and receive 25% off! Discount is applied automatically, just use your TechCASH as normal.
TechCASH at Sebastians!!! February 27, 2013
Starting March 1st, 2013 Sebastian's Cafe at 7 Cambridge Center will begin accepting TechCASH. During the month of March 2013, all purchases made using TechCASH will receive a 15% discount!
Greenbean Recycle Promotion January 15, 2013
Between January 15, 2013 and February 15, 2013 MIT TechCASH will double all Greenbean Recycle refunds. When 'cashing out' your Greenbean Recycle balance, you must select TechCASH as your payment option. This promotion only applies to transactions processed by TechCASH during this time period. For more information about Greenbean Recyle, please visit
Athena Printing Quota - UPDATE!! March 25, 2012
As of February 6, 2012, current students (as determined by the Registrar's Office) may exceed their print quota without incurring TechCash charges. Students who exceed their print quota may be contacted by IS&T staff to assess their printing needs and help plan for future campus-wide printing changes.
Mystery Location Contest September 28, 2011
The winner of the mystery location contest has been awarded the $100 TechCASH today. Thanks for all your responses.
Free Coke Promotion November 12, 2010
Use TechCASH to purchase 3 20oz Coca Cola products between November 15-30, 2010 and the 4th is free! Can be used more than once, so every 4th purchase will be free. Valid at TechCASH enabled vending machines on campus. The reader on the Coke machine in Simmons Hall is not compatible with this program, and those transactions will not count towards a free purchase.
Shared Accounts!! November 10, 2010
We can now link multiple MIT ID cards to share the same pool of TechCASH funds. This will be very convenient for students and family members living together on campus. This is a free service. Email us for more information at
TechCASH at Harvest Co-op! October 21, 2008
You can now use your TechCASH accounts at the Harvest Co-op market located at 581 Mass Ave.
MIT Credit Union rebates deposit fee! August 19, 2008
The MIT Federal Credit Union will rebate the $1.50 TechCASH processing fee for new members starting with their very first transfer using MITFCU debit or credit card(s) and the limit is one rebate ($1.50) per calendar month. The member would need to notify MITFCU of this transaction and once confirmed, MITFCU will rebate their MITFCU account.
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